Existing POLEX TV members have always been encouraged to recommend us to friends & neighbours in return for a free month of membership (worth €20-30) for each successful referral.

We now offer an affiliate program to non-members too! Even if you’re not an active POLEX TV member, you can still EARN MONEY just by recommending us!

How to earn FREE MONEY:

1. First, sign up to join our affiliate program using the form below. It’s 100% free and without any obligation.

2.  Fill out a referral form HERE to give us details of the person(s) you’d like to refer.

3. Get PAID for each successful referral!

We pay €15 in CASH per successful referral, without limit.*

Your earnings will be kept on account until you claim them, which you can check / claim whenever you like, as often as you like!

*  A successful referral is when the person you refer either buys a new TV box from us and keeps it past the initial 14-day cooling off period we offer, and/or they subscribe as a club member for 12 months… that’s it!

Maximum one referral bonus per new member recommendation

A number where we can reach you by phone and / or WhatsApp. Please don’t forget your country code if it’s not a Spanish number!
WhatsApp is our primary form of communication, and the best way to reach us. If you’re not already a WhatsApp user, please consider joining – it’s completely FREE! You can contact us via WhatsApp to check your affiliate account balance at any time.
If you have any additional info you’d like to tell us, please do so here!
We promise never to misuse or sell your personal info, it’s purely for our own records.