Bee TV is a new service from the owners of POLEX TV which
 offers a reliable streaming TV service we’ve sourced for our customers from alternative suppliers. It runs on various platforms (Amazon Firesticks, as well as Apple and Android smartphones & tablets), has a huge range of different content, and is offered at very competitive pricing. As always, you’re paying for club membership and online tech support only. Our streaming services are FREE to all active members!

Bee TV is a self-install product, meaning there’s no need for a technician or salesperson appointment to visit you at home. If you already own a Firestick under 3-4 years old, you can be up and running within minutes with just our quick setup guide and a free trial login.

* we do offer an optional technician setup and demo for local customers who want Bee TV, but this is charged as a standard callout… See our PRICING page for details.

PLEASE NOTE – WE DO NOT SELL AMAZON FIRESTICKS. Please use your existing one, or order a new one direct from Amazon below!

Ready to install Bee TV? Scroll to the guides at the bottom of this page!

Which Firestick should I buy?

All Amazon Firesticks under 3-4 years old are compatible with Bee TV, but the newer 4K Max version will give you the best results, and will also be the most future-proof… However please do first check that you have a compatible 4K TV paired with fast and stable fibre internet, to enjoy 4K content. 


If you’ve been a member of our popular POLEX TV club and are thinking of trialling Bee TV as an alternative, you’ll want to know the differences. We’ve summarised them here for you to compare side-by-side…

AS ALWAYS, PLEASE NOTE: BEE TV DOES NOT SELL CONTENT, we are a TECH SUPPORT club only. We provide FREE streaming TV services for our customers, which we source, manage and support. At no point is content ever sold to members; it is, has been, and always will remain 100% FREE.


Prices seem different?

We recently updated all our prices to include taxes and card fees, which were previously added at the point of sale. Now you can see your TOTAL price, so there are no unwanted surprises!


Firestick users: Bee TV / Galaxy Setup

iPhone / iPad users: Bee TV iOS Setup Guide

Android users: Download your app here


To access our services all users will require login details. CONTACT US HERE to get yours. Free trials start from the moment they’re activated, so please have the app installed and ready to go before requesting your username and password.

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