For those who want to join us short term, we also offer RENTALS of our systems complete with the same level of support that members who purchase from us receive. Rental prices start at just €10 per month (+ usual subscription).


(Prices include delivery, demo + collection)

Up to 1 week = €50

Up to 2 weeks = €75

Up to 1 month = €100

+ €100 refundable security deposit

Terms: Rentals must always be paid for in CASH. In addition to rental fees, a refundable cash deposit of €100 will be required. Deposits are refunded upon successful collection of our equipment, subject to the equipment being in good working order and collection being made at the agreed time and date.  For full details, please see our TERMS & CONDITIONS.

All repairs / replacements in the event of a box fault are covered by your rental fee – however any accidental loss or damage caused during the rental period will be charged for at full replacement value against your deposit, plus a €30 delivery and setup fee.


1-3 months: €105 (+ €30 delivery & setup)

4-6 months: €195 (+ €30 delivery & setup)

7-12 months: €360 (+ €30 delivery & setup)

Terms: Minimum rental price is for 3 months, even if renting for a shorter period. All rentals are subject to a €30 delivery and setup fee. Full refund of rental fees (excluding delivery fee) within 7 days if unsatisfied. Equipment remains the property of POLEX TV at all times, and must be returned immediately upon request. If you cancel early, there are no refunds on unused time.


Rented equipment may be purchased from us at any time, subject to pricing set by POLEX TV (based on model, age and the rental period remaining at the time of purchase). We may refund part of your rental fee, up to a maximum of €50. Any systems purchased in this way will be covered by a standard 6-month repair or replacement warranty in the event of a fault after purchase.