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Equipment sold by POLEX TV comes with a 14-day ‘no-quibble’ refund policy, on the following basis: if a new member is dissatisfied with the equipment or services provided by POLEX TV for any reason within the first 14 calendar days after purchase, they should immediately inform us of their intention to cancel their purchase. Upon the safe and complete return (at members’ expense) of all the equipment supplied (including MAG box, remote control, cables, power supply, packaging & guarantee cards) in as-new, resalable condition within those first 14 days, a full refund will be offered for the equipment, as well as any subscription payment made excluding any subscription already paid to our wholesalers. Refunds will be paid via the same method in which the system was originally paid for, ie cash or bank transfer. If we have to collect the system from you, a €40 collection fee will be applied to any refund issued. If any of the terms above are not met, no refund will be offered.

After the 14-day refund policy has expired, the equipment warranty is automatically transferred to a REPAIR OR EXCHANGE warranty, for a total of 12 months from the original date of purchase. POLEX TV may attempt to repair faulty equipment, and where this is not possible a suitable exchange will be offered. Exchanges will be made on a like-for-like basis, with any related transport costs for return of faulty hardware or the replacement new hardware to be borne by the purchaser.

EXCEPTIONS to this replacement warranty include any issues related to power supplies or internal power issues, unless it can be shown by the member that the equipment was powered via a surge-protected device such as a surge-protected power strip or uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Other exceptions are made at the discretion of POLEX TV for negligent, careless or improper use or reasonable care of hardware, including (but not limited to) accidental or deliberate damage caused whilst in the member’s possession. Warranties will also be deemed null and void if we detect any attempt to open the equipment casing by an unauthorised person or entity.


Your original MAG box, power supply, remote control and HDMI lead, along with the full packaging (with matching serial number), and the warranty card (from inside the packaging, also with a matching serial number). Failure to supply all of these may mean that we cannot exchange faulty equipment under warranty. Our suppliers insist on all these components being present before we can exchange your faulty equipment with them.


POLEX TV members are required to pay a regular membership subscription fee (an amount set by the club – see our PRICING page for rates). Subscriptions cover the cost of membership administration, as well as phone and in-person support of compatible TV hardware sold to them by POLEX TV or another third-party supplier.

POLEX TV may make a standard callout charge to switch over support from or to another service provider, referred to as a switchover fee. This covers the time, fuel and other associated costs of in-person visits to the private homes of members, within a limited geographical area of 10km from the centre of Jávea. The switchover cost may increase outside of this radius, based on the location of the hardware to be switched over.

IMPORTANT NOTE: POLEX TV is not a TV supplier, we are a SALES and TECH SUPPORT business. We provide access to a 100% FREE streaming TV service for our members which we source and support. At no point is content charged to members; it is, has been, and always will remain 100% free – however it’s only available to club members.


POLEX TV provides equipment rental options subject to the following terms and conditions:

Rental equipment remains the property of POLEX TV at all times, and should be surrendered upon request.

Rental equipment will be supplied in good condition, but may not be brand new. Rental models and versions are subject to change without notice, at the discretion of POLEX TV.

All rentals include local delivery & setup for a fixed fee. Rentals also include collection, unlimited phone/WhatsApp support and a replacement warranty in case of faults. In-person support / callouts may be subject to an additional charge (see CALLOUTS clause below). Rentals of MAG boxes include automatic POLEX TV club membership and associated benefits, except for member discounts on hardware purchases. Rentals of WiFi range extenders are only available alongside a MAG box rental.

All rental equipment must be looked after with due care and consideration, and any loss/theft/breakage will be charged for at full retail cost, plus a standard callout charge.

At the end of any rental period we will collect our equipment (free of charge) within the local area at a pre-agreed date and time. Failure to return our equipment at the agreed time and place will incur an additional collection fee (€40) to cover additional time and fuel costs, as well as late return fees (at a rate of €10 per day), to be paid in cash upon collection. These fees may be withheld from any deposit paid. You may also return equipment to us (at your own expense), in which case NO additional collection fee will be charged, but late return fees will still apply. Failure to return our equipment or to pay the fees outlined above may result in legal action being taken against you.


Hardware that has been rented from POLEX TV may be purchased from the club at any time, subject to individual pricing set by POLEX TV based on the equipment type, age and rental period remaining at the time of purchase. Hardware purchased in this manner will be covered by a fixed 6-month replacement warranty. POLEX TV may (at their discretion) also refund part of the rental fee paid, up to a maximum of €50.


Our membership subscription fees include unlimited online support via phone, WhatsApp or other digital means. However it may occasionally be necessary to visit you in person to fix an issue if a solution can’t be found via phone, message or email.

CALLOUTS WITHIN JAVEA: €40 including up to 30 minutes of expert help. Extra time is charged at €20 per 30 mins or part thereof. Prices exclude tax @ 21%.

CALLOUTS OUTSIDE JAVEA: €50-60 (depending on your location) including up to 30 minutes of expert help. Extra time is charged at €20 per 30 mins or part thereof. Prices exclude tax @ 21%.


Subscription payments paid to POLEX TV are always in advance, and are made entirely at the member’s own risk. They are NON-REFUNDABLE. We pay our wholesale suppliers monthly for your entire membership subscription so once these funds have been dispersed, we are unable to recover them and issue a refund.

 If it becomes impossible or impractical to maintain our support services through our wholesale provider, a replacement service may be offered, though this is NOT guaranteed. Any switchover from the primary service provider to another service provider will be offered FREE to club members via written instructions sent electronically, which should be carried out by the club member. Remote support for this switchover will be offered free of charge (by phone or WhatsApp message) to those who require assistance; however any in-person visits will incur a standard callout charge.

With regret, if POLEX TV ceases trading then all membership subscription payments must be considered lost.

Joining POLEX TV as a member and / or purchasing hardware or subscription services from POLEX TV constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions may be subject to change without notice at any time.

This revision: 12th April 2022. Terms & conditions may be subject to change without notice.

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