VPN services

Need a VPN? We can help!!

VPN (virtual private network) services are gaining in popularity as they provide extra security, privacy, and anonymity when using the internet, particularly for security-sensitive operations such as banking and finance.

In most places in the world you DON'T need a VPN to use our streaming services, however by not using one you are opening yourself and your family's surfing habits up to examination and potential disruption by hackers, nosey internet providers, and other 'bad actors'. There are also some global territories where our services cannot be used without a VPN – please ask if you need more info.

VPNs are legal to use in most countries, and are useful for international users who have trouble accessing geo-locked content usually only available in certain regions of the world. VPNs are typically either software based, or hardware (router) based.

Through our close partnership with SOLVPN we're pleased to announce that we can offer both software and router-based VPN services, at very competitive pricing!

If you'd like the flexibility to connect any and all WiFi-enabled devices in your home through a VPN, then we strongly recommend our VPN router. For those on the move, a software VPN is the answer.

CONTACT US if you need help!