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If you decide to give us a go (either straight after your demo, or at a later date), we’ll gladly supply and set up your own brand new TV system so that you can start enjoying it immediately. We never want you to regret your decision to join us, so if you change your mind within the first 14 days for any reason, simply pack up your new system and return it to us for a full no-quibble refund.

Already got a MAG box? Great! We can switch over boxes from other suppliers for a small fee, to save the cost of replacing your existing system!

* Payment for your TV system is required in CASH at the time of purchase. We’ll include free membership for the remainder of the month you join as a welcome bonus, and we’ll explain how to renew your membership when it’s due.

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A stable 6+ Mbps internet connection is required. If you don’t yet have Internet installed, you MUST arrange this first before we can offer you a free home demo.
A compatible MAG box is required for use with POLEX TV. We can usually reprogram existing MAG boxes for use with our service for a small fee, saving you the cost of buying a new one. Firesticks / Android / Kodi / Formuler and other boxes are not supported. You can check the sticker on the underside of your box to see if it’s a MAG box.
If your address is difficult to find or doesn’t usually show up on sat nav, or if you have any other notes or comments to add, please include them here.
Lobster Mobile is a popular and reliable all-in-English SIM-only mobile service provider in Spain. Lobster provides unlimited calls and texts between Spain, the UK and many other countries, as well as generous data allowances, English customer service & billing, and rolling monthly renewals without commitment. You can even keep your existing Spanish number! Find out more at and then ask us if you’d like more info or a free SIM card at the time of your home demo.
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