If you're within 30 minutes drive of Javea, please use the form below to request a 100% FREE, no-obligation home demo of our services. During the visit we’ll set up a demo system and run you through all the main features of the services we provide at your own pace, and provide answers to any questions you may have. If you're outside of our catchment area we can send you electronic instructions on setting up your own equipment, along with a short free trial of our streaming and support services. Unfortunately home demos aren't available outside our local area.


Our great reputation comes from always providing our members with honest, transparent information. If you don't need extra equipment, we won't try to sell it to you - it's that simple. We always treat potential (and existing) members like family; we're in this to provide a great service over a long period of time, not to sell you stuff you don't need or want for a quick profit. Whilst new sales are necessary and great, membership retention and payments are at the very core of our business strategy.

If you choose to join us (either straight after your demo, or at a later date), we’ll supply and set up your own brand new MAG box immediately so that you can start enjoying it straight away. We never want you to regret your decision to join us, so if you change your mind and choose to leave us within the first 7 days for any reason, simply pack up your new box and return it to us for a full no-quibble refund. *EXCLUDES membership subscriptions, which are non-refundable.

If you already own a MAG box, Smart TV or Firestick we can usually set any of these up for you in return for a standard callout fee - no need to buy any extra equipment!

* Please pay for your TV system or switchover in CASH at the time of our visit.

A number where we can reach you by phone and / or WhatsApp. Please don’t forget your country code if it’s not a Spanish number!
We won’t sell or share your contact details. We only use them to provide the services you request from us.
We need your street name & house number (or apartment block, floor & number) in order to book your demo.
Please let us know which town you live in so that we can book your free home demo. We don’t need your postcode, province or country.
If your address is difficult to find or doesn’t usually show up on sat nav, please include directions here, otherwise leave this blank.
We encourage existing members to invite their friends, so if you’ve been invited by someone you know, please tell us their first and last name above. Leave this field blank if you weren’t *directly* referred to us by someone you know.
Your answer here will help us to offer you a convenient appointment slot. Leave blank for ASAP.
A stable 6+ Mbps internet connection is required. If you don’t yet have Internet installed, you MUST arrange this first before we can offer you a free home demo.
A MAG box or Amazon Firestick may be required for use with POLEX TV if you don't own a compatible smart TV. We can often reprogram existing equipment for use with POLEX TV in return for a standard callout fee, saving you the cost of buying new equipment!
We charge each subscription after your first at a lower rate. If you'd like TV in another room eg the study, the bedroom, the den, or maybe a granny flat, we can give you a great multi-subscription deal!
We partner with HAND-PICKED providers of several other services to bring you the very BEST in each particular field. If you don't check any of the options above, we won't offer you these products / services.
We promise never to misuse or sell your personal info, it’s purely used to supply you with the products and services you've requested above .


We’ll get back to you ASAP.