Internet & Mobile

In addition to TV support services we’re also partnered with Servifone, a provider of fast and reliable fibre internet connections, unlimited 4G internet, and mobile phone tariffs.

Please CONTACT US if you need a new internet provider, or complete the form below to send us the details we need to get you started. Submitting the form does not constitute any commitment to contracting services, it will simply help us to know which products and services interest you so that we can do our very best to supply you with what you need!

Just SOME of the services and prices we can offer:

(please ask if you need a more detailed options and price list!)

300 meg fibre (12 months minimum): €36.30pcm

300 meg fibre + 1 mobile with 20Gb data: €39.90pcm

300 meg fibre + up to 3 mobiles + 40Gb mobile data to share: €44.90pcm

All prices include IVA at 21%

Below the form you’ll find terms and conditions for the various services we offer through Servifone.


We’ll get back to you ASAP.