Internet & Mobile

In addition to TV support services we’re also partnered with Servifone, a provider of fast and reliable fibre internet connections, unlimited 4G internet, and mobile phone tariffs.

Please CONTACT US if you need a new internet provider, or complete the form below to send us the details we need to get you started. Submitting the form does not constitute any commitment to contracting services, it will simply help us to know which products and services interest you so that we can do our very best to supply you with what you need!

Just SOME of the services and prices we can offer:

(please ask if you need a more detailed options and price list!)

300 meg fibre (12 months minimum): €36.30pcm

300 meg fibre + 1 mobile with 20Gb data: €39.90pcm

300 meg fibre + up to 3 mobiles + 40Gb mobile data to share: €44.90pcm

All prices include IVA at 21%

Below the form you’ll find terms and conditions for the various services we offer through Servifone.

Please use the same name as shown in your ID documents.
A contact number where we can reach you, and where we will send your digital contract agreement SMS. Please include your country dialling code if it’s not a Spanish number.
Your Spanish national identification number
Please choose ALL options that apply! Fibre internet is only available in certain locations. Where we can’t offer you fibre, we can offer you unlimited 4G internet via the mobile phone network with UNLIMITED data, unlimited speed (depending on your location) and NO SLOWING DOWN when you hit a particular limit. We also offer competitively-priced mobile phone deals.
With fibre connections your landline is included at no extra cost, plus FREE UNLIMITED standard rate national calls.
We offer mobile bundles at a much lower price when you also contract fibre from Servifone
Mobile data is what you use when you're not connected to a Wi-Fi network, eg when you're out and about.
Additional international call add-on plans include calls to following 55 destinations: Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Greece, France, Ireland, Iceland, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, United States, Canada, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Russia, China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Portugal, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Slovenia, Israel, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Andorra, Costa Rica, Slovenia, Estonia, India, New Zealand, Peru, Dominican Republic, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, Uruguay, Venezuela
We need to contact your existing provider to request the release of your existing number
The number porting process is different for contract and PAYG mobiles
The ICCID is a unique identification number printed on your SIM card. You may need to remove your SIM card from your phone(s) in order to send us the details. Without your ICCID we can't request your phone number from your current provider!
By law we need to collect identification documents to prove your identity and postal address, in addition to the details above. This may include a photo/copy/scan of your passport, Spanish national identity number, residency document, driving license, etc... For proof of address, please use a utility bill, bank statement or government issued communication. Please check these documents off as you collect them, and then email them all to SERVIFONE@POLEX.ES for processing along with this application form.
The faster we receive copies of these ID documents, the faster we can process your application!
This will be used as your payment method for the service(s) you request. You won't be charged until your services are active.
We partner with HAND-PICKED providers of several other services to bring you the very BEST in each particular field. If you don't check any of the options above, we won't offer you these products / services.
Please use this area to tell us anything we haven't already covered which you think may be relevant.


We’ll get back to you ASAP.